Clever Packaging

These days everyone gives more thought to the clothing items they take on holiday. Now that weight restrictions are tighter than ever for air travel, it makes sense to carry as little as possible, taking only those items that you know you will wear.

Capsule Packing

Capsule packing is something of an art and should be thought about ahead of time so you`re not struggling for matching items at the last minute. The feeling of needing to pack extra items `just in case` comes from not having properly planned holiday clothing.

First consider the type of holiday you`re taking; what the likely temperature will be, the level of formality of the events or occasions you`ll attend and whether or not any special activities are part of the agenda. Activities such as skiing or hiking need their own set of specialist clothing, but it may be possible to use some of the items outside of the activity to cut down on excess luggage weight.

The basic idea of capsule packing is to take just fifteen items of clothing that will perform well in various situations. Choosing clothes that match well with each other gives extra outfit options and one or two items of jewellery can help to dress up or down specific ensembles.

Ladies should include a dress for evening wear and a neutral coloured shirt that can be worn with either trousers or skirts. Useful items such as pashmina shawls can double as a wrap or a beach cover-up over a swimming costume.

Think Colour

Each item in your holiday wardrobe should go with every other item colour-wise. This doesn`t mean they all have to be the same colour, but putting together a good mix of neutrals, patterns and plain colours gives more choice than if you pack a blouse or shirt that goes with just one item.

Easy to match colours include navy, black or white. Just about any other colour or pattern can be matched up with these.

It`s easy to get carried away with shoes. Restrict yourself to just three good pairs in different styles for ladies and one or two pairs for different occasions for men.

Easy Care

Choose garments that don`t crease easily. No matter how lovely the item, if it arrives at your holiday destination full of creases you`ll likely not wear it rather than take precious time hunting down an iron. Small items, such as T-shirts, travel well when they`re rolled instead of folded and this too can save space in the suitcase.

Shop for quality items such as Animal surf clothing, that are multifunctional and to get the best value and durability. Packing for a holiday can sometimes be an exercise in complicated logistics, but by planning ahead and arranging various outfits before you start, you can make the task very much easier.