Europe Family Holiday on a Budget

If you are planning to take your family to visit Europe then there are many ways to make your money go further.

The main considerations for those looking to holiday in Europe on a budget, are where to go, when to go, how to get there and where to stay.

Broadening your horizons in relation to your holiday destination and steering away from the `traditional` European countries means that you are likely to get better value for money, both in terms of accommodation and in expenses during your stay. This is particularly true for those visiting countries within Europe but outside of the Euro zone, such as Turkey, Bulgaria and Croatia.

Families with children are generally restricted to the school holidays which can be the most expensive time of the year to travel. However, if you are able to, then other school holidays, apart from those in the summer months, may be the time to go. An additional advantage of this is that, particularly for those with younger children, you are more likely to avoid the intense hot weather that is a significant feature of many European holiday destinations.

Booking flights separately from your accommodation can sometimes be a cheaper option than a package holiday and should always be investigated. But watch out for additional costs such as transfers from the airport which could mean expensive taxis if there is no suitable public transport system to your final destination.

Choosing the type of accommodation and how to get there depends on the budget you have available. For those looking to save money on a European holiday then camping or self catering in an apartment or villa could be the answer. For families, this also provides the flexibility to come and go as you please without being tied down to specific mealtimes that are a feature of most hotel accommodation. This is particularly useful for those with younger children as it provides the option to cook food for the family in the accommodation or visit a local restaurant at a time that suits. If you choose to eat out, restaurants that are frequented by locals and are away from the traditional tourist areas tend to be more reasonably priced.

Part of any family holiday is likely to involve some sightseeing which will be an additional expense, particularly when you have children. There are however many ways to fit this into your budget. Looking in advance at what attractions you wish to visit and restricting the number, will help you to plan your money. Most European destinations also have free attractions to visit which can be found by looking before you leave, by speaking to other tourists or asking at your accommodation.

There are various ways of booking your trip, including either a traditional travel agent or booking online. Before you book, make sure you compare the costs of both and check for any special Thomas Cook voucher codes which could make your trip even cheaper.