Holiday Travel Tips

Whether you are travelling within the UK or abroad on holiday there are some helpful travel tips that can make your whole holiday start and finish in a smooth relaxing fashion.

When you hire a car there are many tips to make sure you are relaxed throughout the whole process. Firstly make sure that when you book your car you know where you are picking the car up from, some airports have several different car hire parking areas and you do not want to be checking all of them out to find yours. Once you have been given your car and documents make sure you are aware of the small print. If you are given a car with a full tank of petrol find out if you must return it with a full tank of petrol. Make sure you mark down the exact state of the car if it has any scratches, marks, dirt inside or out and also the tyre tread depth. You do not want to return the car and be billed for excessive tyre wear or scratches, which were already on the car before you, picked it up. If you are hiring a car in Europe then make sure your insurance covers you for all the countries you will be driving in, also make sure that you are aware of any local laws on carrying fuel, first aid kits and snow chains.

When you are travelling with small children always make sure you have enough activities, snacks, favourite toys and spare clothes to enable the journey to go smoothly. If your child spills their drink at the airport you want to be able to change them for the rest of the journey.

When you arrive at the airport take note of where you park your car, a week can be a long time and you may forget. If you are travelling to the airport by public transport then allow plenty of time for delays in your journey and connections to be made. When you arrive at the airport make sure you know where and when you must check in and allow plenty of time to get through security and to your departure gate. Having all your documents in a single wallet or folder, which will fit in your hand luggage, is an easy way to make sure you are organised at every stage of the travel process.

If you are arriving at a UK destination and require a private taxi transfer to your chosen hotel then many taxi firms have their own websites such as where you can pre book your transfer, allowing your transfer to go smoothly without waiting in line for a taxi.