Top 10 Unique London Attractions

Home to Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, London is an increasingly popular travel and tourist destination. For a truly memorable and rewarding London experience, exploring the city beyond the main tourist attractions is a must. Nestled under Big Ben and hidden among centuries- old alleys and roads lies a whole different side of London that you never even knew existed.

Crystal Palace Park

Long before Steven Spielberg brought dinosaurs to life on the big screen in Jurassic Park, visitors to London could stroll among the prehistoric creatures of Crystal Palace Park. Originally housed in Hyde Park, the dinosaurs of Crystal Palace have been around educating and entertaining since 1854.

Lost Property Office

Baker Street is most commonly known as the home of the beloved super sleuth, Sherlock Holmes. It is also home to the Lost Property Office which houses mysteries that perhaps only Sherlock himself could solve. Approximately 200,000 items lost in transit make it to the office each year and some of them never leave. Even if none of your possessions go missing, it is still worth a visit to view the time capsule-like window display that depicts the history of telephones through unclaimed items.

Necropolis Railway

Tucked among the buildings on Westminster Bridge Road is one particular office building that holds a macabre past. The unassuming office building that used to be a railway station is part of what was once the most unusual railway in London. The railway was constructed in the 1850s to transport mourners and the dead to and from Brookwood cemetery. Despite its morbid purpose, many commuters favored the railway because of its discounted fares.

The Thames Tale

A mysterious tale unfolds along a brick wall next to the Greenwich River. Artist, Amanda Hinge illustrates her story using whimsical art pieces that were once explained on a now defunct website. The charming story begins with a message in a cola can and takes visitors on a unique journey down the river.

Whitechapel Bell Foundry

It is a common misconception that Big Ben is a clock. Big Ben is, in fact, a bell housed inside of a rather large clock. The best way to follow up a visit to Big Ben is by paying homage at the famous bell`s birthplace. The Whitechapel Bell Foundry is Britain`s oldest manufacturing business. It was established in 1420 and has been making bells ever since.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is another historic structure with a macabre past. The looming castle has been used as a fortress and a prison and has been the site of countless executions. Long after most tourists have left the tower`s grounds, the menacing structure sets the stage for a unique tradition. Nighttime visitors to the tower are welcomed to join the ceremony of the keys in which guards lock the gates as they have every night for more than 700 years.

Old Operating Theatre

You don`t have to be a doctor or medical professional to appreciate the old operating theatre. Although you can no longer watch live surgeries, you can almost hear the screams of unanesthetized patients echoing through the halls as you tour the theatre housed in the attic of St. Thomas Church.

Jeremy Bentham

Students of UCL London are always under the watchful eye of Jeremy Bentham. What many students are not aware of is that the wax figure they stream past in between classes is actually Jeremy himself. The mummified head has been replaced with a wax likeness; however, the bones underneath are all real.

Wellcome Collection and Library

With items ranging from Charles Darwin`s walking stick to Napoleon`s fancy toothbrush, the Wellcome Collection is a must see. You are practically guaranteed to see something you never knew existed in the exquisitely curated collection of unusual items. Whether that is a Chinese dentist`s sign made from human teeth or a ram`s head converted to a snuff container, you`ll just have to see it to believe it.

Viktor Wynd`s Little Shop of Horrors

It may sound like the title of a cheesy B movie, but Viktor Wynd`s little shop of curiosities is quite the destination. You can find anything from a two headed calf to a mummified head and the best part is it`s all for sale. If you want to take a piece of unusual London home with you, then this is the shop for you.

With so many unique and unusual places to see, London is the ideal vacation destination for just about anyone. You may decide to sell my timeshare to raise the cash from your tired timeshare and plan an amazing trip to London today.